Professional Chrome Healthy Grill


Stainless Steel Grate features a unique P.P. Grill Design as it prevents the flames from the burners to get in direct contact with your cooking foods, therefore producing less smoke than traditional Barbecues, also, it will collect Fat and Grease released and canalized it into a removable hidden container.


With the Professional Chrome Smoker Box,    you can add some amazing Smoky flavour to your meats, depending on the type of natural wood shaving you use.

Also you can add half of a Griddle or Plancha on top of your Grill, to be able to cook different types of foods at the same time.

Professional Chrome Griddle or Plancha Also Called Teppanyaki or Hibachi Grill in Japan

piastra-metà Entirely made of Stainless Steel, 6 mm gage, allows you to cook different types of meats, Fish, Veggies, Snacks, or even make breakfast, using both the Flat or Ridged side of it at the same time. Easy to clean with just a drop of Sparkling water and a brush.