About Us

Welcome to Professional Chrome home page, a family owned business for over 50 years, specialized in Metal Work, and for the past 10 years, designer, developer and manufacturer of Professional Chrome, state of the art, line of Barbecue’s.

Located in the outskirts of Venice, Officine Ortiga srl, has design, develop and manufacture a complete line of unique barbecues, that will change the way we Grill. Our extensive know-how and experience on prime material, together with continuous investments on research and development activities have always been key to develop and improve our existing line of products and finding new technologies that will improve the way we live.

We believe on Innovation; We strive to find new ideas, new concepts that will revolutionize the world of Barbecuing. Our typical customer, conscious and aware, leans towards a more effective, and healthier way of Barbecuing, without compromising in taste or texture. Professional Chrome R&D department Designs, Builds and tests all Barbecue’s to guarantee the highest reliability and performance associated with easy and fast maintenance for a lifetime long lasting experience.